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Advanced Techniques

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Faculty User Guide - Advanced Techniques

Create a Button on your Blackboard course menu
Create a button on your course menu to help students register their clickers correctly. We still occasionally see students registering at iClicker instead of on an SDSU course site. To create a button on your Blackboard course menu follow these steps. There is also a 29 second video (no audio) showing these steps:

  1. Click the plus sign "+" at the top left of your course menu
  2. Select "Create a Tool Link" from the drop down menu
  3. Type "Register Clicker" in the empty box
  4. Select "Register Your iClicker" from the drop down menu below
  5. Check "Make Available to Users"
  6. Submit

Calculate iClicker columns in Blackboard
You can create a "Calculated Total" column in the Grade Center to add up your iClicker columns. When you upload your clicker scores, they are already assigned to a category. All you need do is create a calculated total column that adds up the clicker category. Please watch this 4 minute video to learn how to create a calculating total column and hide individual columns.

Display Results
Click remote button "B" which is labeled show/hide results to show or hide the results charts. You can use the arrow keys at bottom right in the results window to move back or forwards through all results charts. You can also use the "session polling toolbar" to show and hide results; just click the icon that looks like 3 columns.

Session polling toolbar

Choose Correct Answer
After you bring up the results graph in class, you can cycle thru the various responses by using the "E" button on your remote. The "E" button says "Select Answer." Each choice will turn green as you cycle thru them. The choice that you leave set with the green bar will be recorded in the software as the correct answer when you exit the software. In other words, the last choice will be recorded as the correct answer. You can change it later if you make a mistake or change your mind. You can also use the "chart" to select correct answers. (Notice too, the "Compare" item which allows you to compare multiple charts)


How-to Videos: Instructor Remote / Create New Course / Course Settings / Login (SSO Key) / Add A Total Column / Create Menu Button

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