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Conducting Polling Session

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Faculty User Guide - Polling Session

Please make sure that you do not move any of the folders or items within the iClicker software. This will cause your software to fail.

1 . Open the iClicker app, select a course from the list, and click "Start New Session." (If none are there, you will need to Create a Course first.)

You may want to download a course roster before class. However, iClicker saves all the data for each remote ID registered or not; so you can also “sync” the Blackboard course roster later.
2. The Session Toolbar appears. You can drag and reposition it anywhere.

Your instructor remote allows you to start and stop polling, show results chart and select correct answers. You can also use your mouse.

You can move around the classroom to make sure students aren't operating multiple remotes.

session toolbar choices

iClicker captures a screenshot of the active window every time you start a question and stores it as part of the Reports.

The most common question type (80%) according to iClicker is multiple choice designated by the A-E buttons.

3. Tell students to turn on their clickers (Orange button). Their device will display “Ready” and show battery power level. (Flashing battery has ~10 hours before failure!)

By default, multiple choice is selected. Use the drop down menu on your session toolbar if you want to change the question type or the sideward facing arrows on your blue remote.

4. Open PowerPoint or whatever you are using to present your questions and start your lecture.

ready remote

5. When you are ready to ask a question, click the Start/Stop button (Button A) on your blue instructor remote or use the Session Toolbar and your mouse.

The Session Toolbar includes a status indicator (red indicates polling is active), a timer, and a green number indicating number of student votes.

session polling is active graphic

When you are ready to close polling, use the Start/Stop button (Button A) on your blue instructor remote or use the Session Toolbar.
faculty remote
Note: Throughout polling, the base receiver is active. A counter displays how many students have voted. The base receiver also shows responses during voting in number of responses and percentage per answer.
base with responses


How-to Videos: Instructor Remote / Create New Course / Course Settings / Login (SSO Key) / Add A Total Column / Create Menu Button

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